Sensitive Skin issues 🙌😍

Sensitive Skin 😍🙌 Sensitive skin can be quite a troublemaker for a lot of us. Often genetically inherited but also created by using wrong products or not being aware of food allergies and sensitivities.🎯 Common signs: - burning, stinging or itching sensation - rash - hives - eczema or dermatitis - redness - warm skin feeling - breakouts - peeling or cracked skin - dryness General rule is.......once you notice any reaction go back to the basics ❗❗❗ Solution: - use hypoaller

Enjoy your Skin Care 😍😍🤗

Put beauty into your daily routine !!😍 We often forget that skin care is part of our hygiene. It should become natural like brushing your teeth or hair. Customize your routine based on your time and needs. Keep it simple. !!!❤ #skincare #skincareroutine #skin #body #routine #doit #you #selfcare

Messy mesh 😱😎🤣🌞

Friendly reminder.......😎 Mesh doesn't protect you from sunburn !!!! I checked....😳😳😎😎😂😂😂😂😂 #sun #sunburn #skincare #sunblock #protection #besafe


Teen skin problems can happen to anybody but what matters the most is if you take care of it or just let it happen.👨👩 This proactive young man asked his mother to get deep pore cleansing facial to improve his look. I applaud his patience and determination to make his pores clean.📢🎯 So happy to see more and more teens wanting to take care of themselves ❤ Teen facials and consultation are offered by appointment 👩🙌👦 #teens #skincare #facials #clea

Share your Beauty 😍💃

Dear Ladies 😍💃 PLEASE.....please........🙌😘 Teach your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters, younger ladies to take care of their beautiful face and body. 🎯 YOU are : - first teacher - inspiration - beauty example - biggest fan and supporter.😍💃 Learn, do and share with her.....simple rules.🌹 Daily routine makes you great......teach her basics 😍😘💃 They learn from observing US first !!!!!❤ With any question please contact 😘 #beauty #m

Younger Aging 😍

One thing is for sure......🎯😳 Stressing out about aging will make you age.... MUCH FASTER !!!!!! Self care NOT obsession 🙌🎯💃 #aging #stress #skin #selfcare #beauty #care #old #young #skincare

Grooming the GROOM.😍

Wedding is a very busy time and can be stressful for both parties.🥂 Brides 👰 are getting ready for a big day but what about your man 👨 ??? Men now times want to look great, clean, groomed and in fashion. Possibilities are unlimited for you gentlemen. Massage 🙌, manicure, pedicure or haircut 💇are there for you....... What about skin care ? Gentleman's Facial is created for you, not only to clean your pores and make the skin less rough but also will relax your body from al

Left with new skin ???🤣😍

Anybody left dull, rough and dry skin behind ????🤣🤣 Enjoy your weekend with new, smooth and glowing skin !!!😍😍🙌 #newskin #relax #skincare #spa #skin #glow #healthy #selfcare


My client has great eyebrows but blond color makes them almost invisible so we tint them to the desirable shade of brown to enhance her beauty 😍🎯 This safe and without harsh chemicals service is great for women and men to help create new look and complement facial features. 👩👨😍 For consultation or service go to.... #beauty #tinting #skincare #brows #spa #myplace #color


Summer is gone and colder days are coming.🌞🔜❄ It is time to check your skin if possibly might need more attention and some extra care. Summer sun exposure and sunblock can effect skin quite a lot.🌞🏊😎 If your skin feels rougher than usual gentle scrub can help you archive smoother and brighter results🎯 ULTIMATE SCRUB is a great and easy to use product 🎯🍊 Not only gently buffs your skin with small micro grains but also helps to diminish appearance of dull, aging and u